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Students receive FREE help and advice from our community. We provide regular workshops in CV writing and review, as well as career advice for all students in a wide range of fields and business sectors.


Our professional community has extensive experience in many businesses and fields. We facilitate ways to connect all professionals in our popular networking events.


We have an extensive list of entrepreneurs and investors in our community who are always looking for people to work with or opportunities to invest in. As well as events we provide business mentors from all industries who are happy to help.

Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq (as)

O’ Rufa’ah! a person does not have faith in Allah (swt), Muhammad (sa) or in Ali (as), if they do not receive their faithful brother (in faith) who is having problems, with open arms. In such a case, if that person is able to solve the problem of their brother (in faith), they should instantly take urgent action and if not, they must ask others for help so that the problem of their faithful brother is solved. If someone does not do as I have described, there would be no relation of guardianship between us and them reseña.

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