Unchained Words 7 celebrating Eid Al Ghadeer


With professional speakers from the field of Media and Arts, as well as poetry recital! See SPL past events for previous Unchained Words events.

Are you interested in reciting a poem or offering advice about your career path in to the world of Media/Arts? Get in touch by clicking on the following link and leaving us a message:

Great news people. Nouri Sardar is able to make it and will be reciting his poetry for us along side Taher Adel, Ibrahim Sincere , Husein Virji and Ali Mohsin! All of that in addition to our two inspiring speakers from the Media and Arts, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed and Sayyid Ahsan, as well as comedy from London’s very own Haseeb ‘Rizzo’ Rizvi!


Updates and further information to come.

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