Workshop: Being successful by Riaz Shah


The EY Muslim network is organising a workshop with Riaz Shah who is the Global People Leader in Assurance (see CV for Riaz attached). The theme of the workshop is “being successful” which is a leadership based interactive session and has received great reviews from previous attendees! SPL is offering just 2 places to come as Aatif’s guests to this exclusive event.

Riaz Shah will be leading this interactive discussion which will focus on success: its meaning, the attributes of success and how we can all be more successful. This workshop also aims to demonstrate how our mindset and attitude makes a difference on how a person is viewed as a leader.  Riaz coaches senior leaders around the globe, industry leaders, Military leaders, Politicians etc

Aatif Khan (EYMN Chair) has attended this session in Andalucia, Spain at a Muslim leadership retreat and says this: “Riaz’s session was one of the best training hours I have attended and trust me as a life long managment consultant, I have done hundreds of training courses. I really enjoyed it and the key learning point was a way to think and react to life/work challenges. He was engaging, insightful and a great role model. For those of you unsure of whether you should come, this is one NOT to miss if you want to be successful”

Workshop: Being successful
Presenter: Riaz Shah
Date and time: 2nd September 2015, 6pm
Location: MLP.1E.18

A bit of info about Riaz Shah:

  • Riaz has been a partner at EY since 1997
  • He was the managing partner for the London Audit practice between 2003 and 2006.
  • He was the COO (Markets) between 2006 and 2008
  • He was the Global L&D Leader between 2008 and 2012
  • At present, he is the Global People Leader for Assurance
  • He’s a Chairman on One Degree (an educational charity focused on mentoring and inspiring 16 year old students in London),
  • He’s also a Trustee on Bright Ideas Trust (a charity that helps 16-30 year olds in London who aren’t in employment, education or training to start their own companies and learn business skills that will stay with them for life)

As you will note, Riaz is a senior partner in EY, and is also significantly involved with various other charities. Therefore, this event promises to be an inspirational and insightful event. If you would like to attend.

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